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February 2011

While I was stranded in Lexington by the Icelandic ash cloud, I had the germ of an idea. I went and sought the help of Keeneland Library. By the time I was heading back to England I had enough to start a new project. I have spent many months researching to find the colours worn by the winners of the Blue Grass Stakes. My aim was to paint all 75 winners for Keenelands 75th anniversary. By collaborating with a librarian at Keeneland I managed to gather the information I needed. I have arranged the design to be a trilogy of three times 90 x 90 canvases, that butt together to form history of winners since the first Blue Grass Stakes was won in 1937. Therefore, creating a visual archive of the history of the race.

The painting has begun...goodness only knows when it will be completed.

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