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Paula's passion for art and design has been a journey of exploration into a variety of subjects and mediums. Her practical approach involves dismantling and researching in order to discover the component parts of a subject or medium, thus informing her understanding and enabling her to develop new innovative outcomes, always with attention to detail and relentless enthusiasm.


Through colour and visual excitement, she developed designs inspired by the racing colours that convey the thrill of the race, whilst imparting historical information. They can also be interpreted as fun, balanced arrangements of pattern and colour. It is a complex combination of information to display and the patterns demand an accurate finish.


​Paula enjoyed sharing the history of racing colours and her art with visitors as Artist in Residence at the National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket for five years during which time she developed a range of prints and products carrying her designs. Most recently designing a bespoke range called 'The Queen's Colours' to celebrate the opening of the new museum by Her Majesty the Queen.  Paula's Shop

​Paula is an art educator who has taught in schools and colleges and now chooses to deliver projects involving art workshops to groups of all ages and abilities in the wider community. ​​


Please contact via this website to discuss projects, workshops, commissions and product sales. ​

Visit the headers above to see what Paula has been up to.

Winners of the 2000 Guineas 1809 - 2008
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