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Paula has been designing and making art & craft work throughout her life. She seized the opportunity of returning to college to study Art for four years.   Paula enjoyed studying so much that she wanted to share her enthusiasm with others and went on to take a Certificate in Education at Greenwich University. After lecturing and teaching in colleges and schools for many years she concentrating on working with community projects and performing workshops.


As a visiting artist with teaching qualifications and DRB certificate I can help you:

  • for a day

  • for a series of days

  • for a week

  • as a resident Artist for a fixed period

Paula is able to design and deliver bespoke projects to help you achieve the curriculum requirements from year 7 to adults.


Hand Built Ceramics

I specialize in Hand Built Ceramics. Outcomes may be individual hand-built vessels, abstract forms or tiles perhaps investigating pattern in other cultures, which may be framed/mounted individually or as one large mural. This can be accompanied by pertinent ceramic or local history for written parts of the assignment.



The History of Felt Making

The process, the design and making of, for example, a wall hanging (group or individual), seamless felt containers, bags or jewellery.


The History of 'Molas'

The process/construction of molaring and applique, research leading to design and an individual outcome.


Design Construction in 3D Textiles

For example:- for another time, an imaginary culture and learn associated techniques of design, pattern making and cutting, sewing, knitting.


Recycling Awareness

Explore weaving and welding recycled materials to create 3d sculptures etc

Outsize 3d construction and modelling

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