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Winners of the Palace House Stakes.png

‘Winners of the Palace House Stakes’ 1961-2012  is a 30" x 40"  unique visual archive of the race winners. During Paula'a Artist Redicency at the National Horseracing Museum, Newmarket, she painted this race as a fund raiser in support of the new National Horseracing Museum/ Heritage Centre on the site of King Charles II original Palace House & Stables. Which is now built and open in all it's glory.

The arrangement explained:

  • The racing colours are displayed in my Jockey motif, which shows the colours from the back to evoke the excitement of race. 

  • The white vertical lines represent the fences along the course.

  • The round red spots at the top on either side of the canvas represent the finishing posts.

  • The boxes along the bottom containing a year e.g. 1961, represent the stalls at the beginning of a race.

  • The columns should be read from the bottom upwards, beginning with the year in the box at the base.

  • Starting at 1961-66 moving to 1967-73 in the next column and so on.

  • A total of 52 winners.

  • This painting comes as a print and a card. The card carries the names of the winners and the years they won on the reverse.

Prints are high quality fine art Giclée Prints made using archival quality pigmented inks, on acid free pH neutral art papers,with sufficient surround to add a presentation mount when framing. A range of A3, A2 and A1 sizes are available to choose from. 


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