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Everyone's a Winner

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Everyone's A Winner is a project that invited retired racing employees to create a Personal Journal about their individual careers in the racing industry.  The project was written and delivered by Paula Wilson, funded by Market Place, part of the Creative People and Places programme, who are initiated and funded by Arts Council England, also partnered with Racing Welfare and Palace House, The Horse Racing Museum and The Racing Centre. Their combined contributions have provided this interesting opportunity for the participants to visit new places, meet new people, learn new skills whilst collecting and collating the story of their lives and proving they are all winners in one way or another!

The members recounted many stories decade by decade and provided photographs to support them. There has been a lot of laughs, chatter and comparing of knowledge.  All the information has been processed and reproduced to create Personal Journals.  


People outside the industry can benefit from reading the informative accounts of a wide variety of jobs as they were performed by the participants in decades past and gain an understanding of the changes, good and bad, that have taken place. 

The project began in February 2018 with a visit to Weatherby's, Wellingborough. This was followed by a research section when the group met at the Racing Room in Newmarket Library on a weekly basis.  They worked on finding historical racing information using The Racing Calendar collection, first edition published in 1727. Relaxed, enjoyable and everyone got to know each other before beginning to reveal their life stories. The group paid a visit to the Jockey Club Rooms to look at their fine collection of paintings as a finale to their research. From April the group met at The National Horse Racing Museum when they began researching themselves in preparation for their Journals.  This transpired to be a fascinating, fun journey for all of us. 


Newmarket Music & Arts Festival July 1st - 31st
The project progresses in the articles below, starting in February at the very bottom of the page.

Paula's at Palace House, Newmarket where her racing art has been on display along with her recent Community Project Everyone's Winner. The participants of the project joined Paula to talk with visitors about the Personal Journals they made with her about their lives in the racing industry. Their stories are very interesting, and no one tells them the way they do. Visitors from all corners of the globe, were fascinated by all the different jobs they had done during the course of their careers and in turn shared common experiences. 

The King's Yard, Palace House

Painting the most recent Winners of the 2000 Guineas

Alie Tyers
Stevie Kingstree

Sharing his Personal Journal with a visitor

Godfrey King (Tich)

Proud of his life in the racing industry

Display of Personal Journals
Tich King talking to visitors
Christine Avison

Sharing her stories from Clarehaven fifty year ago with a keen visitor

Alie Tyers

Sharing stories from her Journal

Stevie Kingstree and Sue Willows
Stevie Kingstree and Sue Willows
Tich King

Sharing his Journal with his wife Elaine and daughter Susan.

Winners of the 2000 Guineas

...the last year on this canvas will be 2033!


This couple came especially to read the journals and stayed until they had!


avidly reading

Patrick Purcell

Reading the Journals

Painting the latest Guineas Winners
Winners of the Classics, Paula Wilson at

A visual archive of the 2000 Guineas winners forms an abstract painting, with a key below. 200 winning colours from 1809 to 2008 and the key.

Everyone's a Winner display
The King's Yard, Palace House, Newmarket
for the Music and Arts Festival 1 -31st July 2019


The participants of Everyone's a Winner who have created their Personal Journals about their life and work in the Horse Racing industry, will be coming in by arrangement to share their stories.


Calendar of their attendance  or Palace House (01638) 667313 

Changes occur slowly and we don't notice, then when 40 or 50 years have passed things have changed a lot especially in horse racing industry.  It is fascinating to hear them tell what apprentiships invovled back in the day. They are lovely people do come along

Paula's Art is on display too.

Everyone's a Winner in CB8 Magazine

Article CB8 Magazine
Article CB8 Magazine
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