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One year on

In December 2017 I introduced a project called 'Everyone's a Winner' at the Racing Welfare Christmas coffee morning at the Racing Centre, Newmarket. At the 2018 event I put on a display of the years’ work of nine humorous, hardworking people who had ventured to sign up.

We have been on visits, performed research and most importantly recorded their life's work in the racing industry in the form of a Personal Journal. It has been such fun learning about one another, remembering hard and good times, providing a platform for them to feel the value of their life's work and creating a colourful book containing their legacy. One man even said, he will make up some more stories for me next year so he can still come, which really hit home to me what a difference this had made to them. I have been asked how they can get copies for their friends and families which confirms their satisfaction to me.

I am also satisfied that I reached my original goals. There maybe some adjustments necessary to the model of the project as a whole, but here’s to hoping a kind body or three will be willing to fund the continuation of this worthy project.

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