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The Winners of the Bluegrass Stakes

The idea of creating a visual archive came to me during my visit to Lexington, Kentucky in 2010 when I was participating in the Horse Mania project. I discovered Keeneland racetrack was due to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Blue Grass Stakes which inspired me to develop a method of displaying the history of the race in a visual form. After several years work establishing the correct colours and painting them all, it is finally complete.


- The white vertical lines represent the fences along the course.

-The round red spots at the top on either side of the canvas represent the finishing posts.

-The boxes along the bottom containing a year e.g. 1961, represent the stalls at the beginning of a race.

-The columns should be read from the bottom upwards, beginning with the year in the box at the base.
Starting at the bottom left 1937 moving upwards 38, 39,40,41, then drop down to the bottom of the next
row for 1942 and so forth.

This makes a total of 52 winners to date.

Available to purchase as individual or one complete Giclee Print


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