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Friday 3rd December

All 89 horses were auctioned at the grand Keeneland Auction House, (which is like our Tattersalls for those who don't know). In the preceding months I tried to raise a bidder in Newmarket. Alas, there were no bidders, despite it having been designed carrying the racing colours of horses stabled here to promote the town. The downturn in the economy was said to be to blame as no one has any spare money. Despite the economy in the US also being on a downward slope, 74 of the 89 horses sold on the night, if for substantially less than the 2000 auction. I am delighted 'Me & My Gal' sold for $5000 to support charities and Arts in Lexington.The foals were to be sold later; at auction in 2011 with proceeds to be divided among each school's art program, Lexington's Youth Arts Council and related programs.

Newmarket Town Council have been inspired by Lexington's Horse Mania project and preparations got underway to hold a smaller scale operation here. Besides sharing the Horse Mania experience and information for the life size models project, I was able to tell Councillor Joy Uney how the foals project had been introduced into the schools to involve the children in the excitement of the Equestrian Games. Joy liked this idea and has run with it. The schools in Newmarket are becoming involved and hopefully we will see lots of wonderful artwork in next year's Festival. I wish them fun and success with the project.

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