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January 2011

After meeting with Marion Green and attending an information day, I entered the 'Strictly Come Newmarket' contest. The competition was the idea of the Retailers Association to encourage new business and trade as there were increasingly more vacant shop premises in the Town. People with a business idea for Newmarket were invited to enter and do a presentation for the 'dragons' (who were not mean, but very helpful) with an aim to winning prizes to help them set up in business.

In order to do this presentation, I gathered a lot of information to support my aims for developing promotional goods that represent Newmarket. I didn't win the first prize, but I was awarded a list of assistance to be claimed as and when I am ready.

It was stressful and exciting all rolled in to one. This event was pivotal in convincing me to try and pursue my ideas. I had to gather financial information and present it and my designs/paintings to a new audience. The response was good and I identified gaps in my knowledge. Still a way to go though.

Thank you to the Retailers Association.

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