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September 2013

Suffolk Horse Society held their second Suffolk Punch Spectacular at Landwades Park, Kentford, Newmarket. It was certainly a spectacular event with many happy visitors. The heavy horses have been at risk of extinction since farming became mechanised. Members of this Society are not only saving the Suffolk breed, but they are also preserving the very considerable skills involved in working the heavy horse and doing a stirling job. Should you wish to know more about their good works click on the name.

Pleased to be able to donate a day to such a worthy cause and thanks to all friends and family who buckled under bullying and had a super day.

Sun Lane Market September 2013 could be considered a wash out. Sadly it rained, there were only four stalls and hardly any visitors. Disappointing all round and a shame for those who did make the effort to organise the event and those of us who bothered to turn up. Thank goodness for the company.

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