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Newmarket Open Day 2013

The heat is on and there is a buzz of work going on in preparation for the Open Day. I am preparing a painting of John Gosden's racing silks and printing a card of them for the day. I will be painting and displaying my wares in John Gosden's Clarehaven Stables, Bury Road, Newmarket. The forecast is improving, so hopefully everyone involved and all the visitors will have a terrific day.

Unfortunately John Gosden had to withdraw from Open Newmarket at the last minute on the advice of his vet. Thankfully the National Horseracing Museum were happy for me to do my thing in the Weighing room.

Making my way to the Museum at 8.30 on a Sunday morning seemed a little bizaar, but the crowds were already building up in the High Street. I no sooner had my paintings on the their easels and there were people coming in. It was lovely to have so many interested guests in the Museum all day. I talked the history of racing silks and how I convey the results viusally to all and sundry, whilst sharing information on the Palace House conversion. By the time I came home I felt I had spent all my words. A very happy day from my perspective. Later in the evening I was pleased to receive this kind email.

"Hello Ms. Wilson It is unlikely you will remember me but I visited the museum on Sunday last with my family, my Son in law is a geometric artist. Actually I had an unusual question regarding the Queens racing colours. However the reason I am writing is to thank you for producing some captivating images out of what could be a tedious subject. Indeed it was not just the images that knocked me over but your enthusiasm and dedication were an example to any aspiring artist. What a pity that I don't live nearer to Newmarket where I would I am sure make a nuisance of myself at your muséum studio. Keep up the good work."

Positive feedback makes it all worthwhile ; )

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