Lakenheath Yultide Bazaar

When I applied to do the Yuletide Bazaar I didn't expect the form filling episode..but I am relieved and pleased that I have been accepted to enter the U.S.A., even if only for 3 days. I'm on red alert now to design and make an attractive Christmas Stall by Friday 1st November. Will let you know how I get on.

What a super event! I had wrapped up warm to stand in an aircraft hanger for three days, but amazingly it was heated. As we might expect the bazaar was organized with military precision. A veritable army of volunteers managed all manor of tasks to keep the vendors and the shoppers happy.

I am always amazed and grateful for the interest people show in my work. Deliberating on the different ways to display the historical information, in such a way that it becomes fun and visually exciting, takes a lot of time. There is no greater compliment than someone coming along and loving it enough to buy it. Thank you to all those who did. Also, a big thank you for the constant supply of tasty food provided for the vendors, which was a great extra that kept us all going. (a touch that all fair organisers could adopt).

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