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Art 4 All

All the experimentation explored, the designing done and now hard at work on their final pieces.

An exhibiton of the artwork created during the Art 4 All workshops at the National Horseracing Museum...

The final posters printed from the artwork looked stunning.

An individual presentation of everybody's work showing their journey.

The Mayor, Rachel Hood admiring and discussing Jake's artwork and experience with him.

Certificates of achievement awarded by Rachel Hood.

Myself and Gabrielle Bell the Education Officer at the National Horseracing Museum.

Newmarket High Street, a pencil drawing, by Jake Gross

The Gallops, a collage, by Simon Hughes

Bring Rainbow Pride to Newmarket, in mixed media, by Thor Crouch

Hayley Turner riding for the Queen, in acyrlics, by Laura Harlow

Newmarket Stallion, in acrylics and felt tip pens, by Rowan Garrett

I have really enjoyed collaborating with NHRM and Newmarket Open Door for the past few months, to offer a group of young people in the community, an opportunity to explore diffent art mediums and create their own promotional artwork for Newmarket. They thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want it to end. So let's hope the powers that be are able to put the wheels in motion for a regular provision.

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