Modern Art displaying History! A Visual Archive of 'The Winners of the Blue Grass Stakes'

'The Winners of the Blue Grass Stakes' displays the winning owners colours for 75 years from 2007 to 2011 in a fun, modern art format. It all began in 2010 when I found myself in Lexington, Kentucky painting a life size model of a horse with my Jockeys Design for Horse Mania, a project supporting the Equestrian Games. (more in Horse Mania page in Gallery)

I was taken to Keeneland Races, where I had the idea of collecting historical racing results and displaying them in what I call my 'Visual ArchivesCollection'. Thus creating art that is packed with information, should you be interested or simply a fun modern art blaze of colours, if you are not. I began the research for this painting while I was in Keeneland Library and continued upon my return. The original is painted in acrylics, for their solid colour and to emulate the sheen of racing colours, on three square canvases that hang together.

Many years and many corrections later, a 2.7meter painting is complete. The three canvases have been professionally photographed, digitally processed and joined to form one long image. Yesterday, I watched the fine art Giclee print, slowly inch it's way out of the printer at Available to order only.

Are you interested in alternative mediums for site projects? If you would like to commission a well executed large artwork that contains meaning and has impact, I would like to hear from you.