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'The Queen's Colours' for Newmarket

I am struggling to visit all businesses in Newmarket, so please would you mind reading on, so you are informed and don't feel you've been left out.

'The Queen's Colours' is an original painting inspired by Her Majesty's racing colours displayed in the National Horseracing Museum, Newmarket.

'The Queen's Colours' bunting in The Guineas

Bunting at Waitrose

They are already out there...on the Memorial Hall, The Severals, Waitrose and throughout The Guineas Shopping Centre. Cllr David Hudson purchased 250 hand waving flags for The Queen's Birthday T-Party and what's going on? A whole lot of things. read on.... For those of you who are not familiar with my work, I have been an Artist in Newmarket for nine years and Artist in Residence at the National Horseracing Museum for five years. My art combines modern designs inspired by the racing colours with the history of racing that produce modern contemporary art and products to promote Newmarket. Further information regarding my work can be found on this website. I have developed a design based on the Queen’s racing colours to commemorate this historic year of The Queen's 90th birthday, Newmarket's 350 years, the unveiling of The Queen's Statue, Open Newmarket and, last but definitely not least, the grand opening of Palace House. I have received very positive, excited reactions from committees, Councillors, retailers and businesses, who are including this bespoke design in the celebrations, highlighting the town’s special relationship with the Queen while creating a celebratory environment. Everywhere else flies the Union Jack, but this is different, unique and very pertinent. My aim is to create celebratory, visual excitement, pride and a sense of belonging to Newmarket and Britain, with hand-held flags, bunting, flags on poles, and flags on buildings. Moving flags en masse are very striking and unite people. This is a massive opportunity to engage the population of Newmarket in all these auspicious events, hopefully cementing community spirit and longevity in their memories. It is impossible for any one body to pay for the town to be decorated, however, if we all do a small part, the collective overall impression will be the same. Custom made 'The Queen's Colours' for Newmarket pricing (wholesale prices available on request) • Hand held fabric flags 20 x 30cm, on a wooden dowel, £3.50 each • Bunting - 10m lengths of fabric bunting with pennants 20cm x 30cm £35 ea. Suitable for interior

or exterior use. • Please ask for quotes for alternative size flags or banners for your building frontage etc., I am

happy to visit you with samples. Email or telephone if you have any questions. • A bespoke range of fine bone china mugs made in Stoke on Trent, holds 400mls £14 ea. • Greetings Cards £2.50 ea • Fine Art Giclee Prints- your chosen size is printed to order and framed if required. • Send orders to above. You will be invoiced by return. Please note -

your order cannot be processed until payment is received.

Orders and Enquiries contact:- The Queen's Colours a fine art giclee print taken from an original painting, inspired by Her Majesty's earlier racing colours displayed in the National Horseracing Museum. I have developed a range of goods to create a festive Newmarket in support of all the events and businesses who trade here. There are good quality, fabric flags with a wooden dowel, bunting and a fine bone china mug made in Stoke on Trent, greetings cards and prints.

The Queen's Racing Colours,Picture: Gregg Porteous

The original painting in the Museum

The cameras will be coming! Please help create a festive Newmarket, decorate your buildings, windows

or create window displays. Hand waving flag, printed fabric with wooden dowel, mugs, greetings cards and prints

Fabric bunting in 10m lengths

Fine bone china mugs made in Stoke on Trent, Uk.


Fine Art Giclee prints printed to order

Orders and Enquiries contact:-

Thank you for reading!

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