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Week 1 - Looking for clues and the resources at our disposal

​The participants met Paula at Palace House, the National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket and went to the Education Suite. Paula shared her story of how she began painting 'Visual Archives' of race winners and the methods she uses to perform historical research.

They took a tour of the galleries and Paula emphasized how the collection can be beneficial to finding information. When information isn't found in the obvious places, you have to take time to read alternative information and look at historical paintings, which may contain what you are looking for.

The collection immediately provoked fascinating personal stories and information from the group.

Everyone's a Winner went to Newmarket Library and were introduced to the Racing Room which has a wealth of historical racing books available for everyone to access. Paula demonstrated how to access the particular information they are currently searching for in the Racing Calendar Collection, which go back as far as the 1700's.

At The Racing Centre they were shown how to access resource websites, for historical racing research, using the computers. Using the computers in their research will build confidence to use the technology more readily.

Sharing information, skills and humour makes for a good time spent!

Photograpy by Regina Ray -

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