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Back at the Palace...

So far they have been shown the principal of what they will make and how to break the process of reflection down to manageable pieces. Now it is up to them to remember and find memorabilia they can use. Each journal will be totally unique and show the diverse careers available within the industry. Some have swung into action enthusiastically whilst others are at the thinking stage, though it is very difficult to hear yourself think with so many exciting conversations taking place in the room!

New term new topic. Before the Easter break members of Everyone's a Winner were learning how to research historic racing colours using the collection in the Racing Room at Newmarket Library. (see further down the page) This term they are researching their own career in the racing industry to create a Personal Journal of their experience. As project partners Palace House are providing the use of the Horse Racing Museum's Education Suite and the use of the Museum Collection for our weekly meeting 2 - 4 pm on Wednesdays.

Palace House Newmarket that is! Where retired racing personnel will work to compile Personal Journals of their careers in the racing industry.

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