Paula's is at The's looking bare see what happens when she's there!

Palace House Newmarket that is, with a display of her colourful racing art and her latest Community Project 'Everyone's a Winner', for the Newmarket Music and Art Festival.

Stable Gallery, The King's Yard, before Paula added colours ....see what happens when you transform a stable. Hanging pictures level and evenly spaced, on the walls of a stable lined with woven metal strips, was a challenge that was overcome with a little patience and some curtain hooks.

Stable Gallery, The King's Yard, before Paula added colours

After Paula had filled it with colours

At a rough glance, you can see there is colourful racing art with a dramatic difference and a table full of racing journals created by Paula with retired racing employees, all about their lives in the racing industry.....there is a lot to see and learn in this room!

Look at Painting at the Palace article for the Dates to come and see us

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